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Happy Productions is an on-location Production Motorhome/RV Service company headquartered in Miami, Florida. It is owned and operated by Sean Sherman.  He has a long-standing background in the Production Industry, having obtained his Associates in Arts degree followed by 16 years spent between New York and New Jersey. Since 1985, Sean has called Miami home and brought with him his commitment to excellence for the job. Your production savvy driver will always get you to the location in a professional, timely, and, most of all, safe manner.

Happy Productions has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, providing luxury, comfort and convenience to our customers. From Kohl's, H&M and Macy's to Neiman Marcus, Jaguar and Acura, we have a long list of references that stand testament to the quality of our services. We also have a wealth of international experience, having worked with many clients from around the world. From England, Germany and France to Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Mexico and beyond, we are familiar with the unique requirements of people from different cultures. Whether you are a domestic or international traveler, you can trust us to provide a top-notch Production RV experience.

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Since 1999

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